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  Featuring : Massimo Dutti Jacket / Asos Chunky knit / Marc Darcy pants / Matisse Sneaker / Scape Gear Slingbag / Kore Belt / Sunglass LA Glasses

So this was a while ago, but I distinctly remember what I thought was “crazy” or “different” about the outfit. I remember because it’s mad obvious. It’s all about the late winter layering here  so maybe just try and remember until next year, but I had fun layering the brown leather jacket on top of chunky white sweater and the best part is the new way of putting the leather bag from Scape Gear which rarely you can see someone who will wear it that way, it's very helpful to put all your usual daily stuff and accessories you need and don't worry about getting stolen because it's gonna be always in front of your eyes  . Amine saw what I did and looked at me, asking “Oh, is that something people do now?” I had no better answer than “I don’t know, but I like it.” Obviously it’s not too daring, but apparently different enough for people to stop and take a second to let it sink in. Any thoughts on the matter?


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