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Featuring : Luca Faloni Polo Sweater / DML Jeans / Shoepassion Sneakers / Reloy Watch 

Yes it was a dream and now it has become a reality that's why you see me saying on my latest posts and stories on Instagram ''DREAM COME TRUE''. From the beginning U.S was the country I love to live in, and this dream grew bigger and bigger when I became a Menswear Blogger because the U.S it's the country that considers art and artists to be the foundations of the development, And with hard work and perseverance and been patient i don't think God will disappoint me and refuse my prayer, and now i will repeat it ''DREAM COME TRUE'' let's enjoy together my new life in New York City.

For this first post I wanted to keep it very clean and simple. I mentioned in my interview, and several other interviews, that the casual style is one of my favorites. The neutral colored sweaters with fun accessories will always be in my wheel house. This light beige polo sweater paired with the black jeans and my new watch from Reloy they made me feeling so comfortable, and of course i'm wearing my favorite sneakers from Shoespassion (you already know that :D). I were shooting in midtown of VA Beach amongst the “true businessmen” and I found them staring more than usual so hopefully I made a good statement.

Make sure to check out Reloy’s recent collection for men and woman HERE


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  1. I wish you good luck in your new life you have great dreams for which you work hard and strong that's why God helps you and keeps you healthy to achieve all that you want because this is what you deserve my boy love u soo much and iwill always support u ❤������

    1. Ooow it means a lot to me Ikram, thank you so much honey for your support <3 see u soon

  2. Hi Ayoub,

    That's a great combination of the Luca Faloni polo knitwear in camel beige, I bought one recently in the same colour, but I found that the colour looks different to the Instagram shots on the Luca Faloni website. Do you agree?


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