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hearing everything this season. Primarily thanks to Paravel for sponsoring this post, I had the pleasure of styling this Grand Tour Bag and this beautiful Scooter Backpack a few weeks ago in NYC and we’ve been best friends since. The bag and the backpack I mean;)

For this project, I partnered up with an amazing accessories company  called Paravel as I said in the previous paragraph. Their forte are all about bags, handbags, backpack... for men & women, I don't wanna talk much about the quality, you can see it just from the shots above, I’m absolutely loving the bag, the design is marvelous, and I especially like the two large pockets on the side, which give it a little bit of an edge over other messenger bags, aside from superior quality of fabrics and construction. It’s a great bag for your daily needs, whether you have to carry around a little more or not so much, it’ll look great and likely fit it all in there 🙂

Ohh I forget to mention that you can personalize your own bag or backpack with any letter you want as you can see I add my "AH" signature on the Grand Tour Bag and the Scooter Backpack which is the first letters of my first and last name. So don’t miss out, you’ve got nothing to lose! check out their website for more


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