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There’s no place like home! So happy to keep these New York posts coming, it’s truly my favorite place ever! I've found myself visiting different cities and each have their own unique scent. Traveling the world brings a different feeling and mood that is beautiful to emerge yourself into. It's something new and I wanted to bring this experience to your so you could customize your travels into a scent that resonates with you.

Fashion and photography is my form of exploration and I take it everywhere! This introduces me to many cultures and allows me to step outside of my personal expression. In my hometown you can smell the Pine Wood! I wanted to bring that feeling to you and show you a place that allows you to travel with your nose and create a scent that’s reminds you of home. I've partnered with WAFT recently to design the package that represented elegance and a city that I now call home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     I added Jasmine, Cinnamon & Sandalwood to my fragrance and you can't imagine how the result was, so amazing and also I get 2 companion scents, first one has (5ml) bottle to compliment your main scent which can be worn alone or layered with your main scent to create yet another unique aroma. And second one also has (5ml) bottle which is a mini version of my very own custom fragrance. I am sure we would layer well together.

I took these guys to the Brooklyn Bridge for a classic & timeless approach that I think the scent symbolizes so well. From the bridges symmetry, to the Manhattan views and flowing East River, there was inspiration all around for us to capture the product in. The setting was indeed a New York staple but I didn’t know it would symbolize my Waft fragrance so similarly with its surroundings. No matter where you explore, you should always be suited with a scent.

Once again, I could not have done this without Waft team, who has worked diligently, and helped me at every step of the way to make the realization of this Fragrance as easy as humanly possible. Thank you guys, truly, it is an honor to be working with you! AND NOW is your turn guys try to create your own fragrance something just for you, you couldn't find it on any other place. LET'S DO IT click HERE and start designing:)

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