8:30 AM

Looking back at this weekend and these pictures makes me wish I was on the brookfield place again…next week needs to come faster!!! (hint hint) I decided to catch some rays and head towards to Brookfield Place on sunday, which was very excited since I had never been. Friends of mine had given me mixed reviews..”it’s really dirty”..”it’s so colorful and fun!” etc etc. So I thought I would just decide for myself! 

I was well equipped with my new summer pieces from Zara. I paired a light beige slim-fit pants, red turtleneck, vivid sunnies and comfy sandals. Oh and of course the pizza, can’t forget that slice was so delicious 😋 ( it had Spinach, Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese I think )

Check out the shopping bar down. you can shop my exact outfit as well as other fun, similar pieces from the brand itself. Zara is different than other menswear i’ve come across…these are far more sophisticated and dapper. What’re your thoughts? 


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