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Featuring : Banana Republic Jacket / Mugsy Jeans / Asics Sneakers

It’s been crazy since I last posted: between my trips to Virginia and the Hamptons , and a few days at home in NYC, I’ve starting to become a bit of a wanderer. I’ve been traveling so much this month and last month that sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I have that moment when I can’t remember what time zone I’m in. Which is the perfect lead-in to today’s street-style shoot \\\

I teamed up with Zappos + ASICS campaign to showcase one of the last Asics shoe from the new collection '' the Ultimate 81'' : In 1979, the ASICS research facility in Kobe opened to give the company a competitive edge with state-of-the-art equipment and a painstaking approach to improving its output. One of the first fruits of the facility’s findings was the present in the Ultimate 81. If you’re going to give a shoe a name like that, it needs to perform to the highest standard and the unique vent holes in the sole for shock absorption, a honed forefoot for ultimate toe-off and commitment to heel support would set off a new decade of technology. After the Ultimate a slew of acclaimed running shoes would follow that are still considered the finest of their era. These days, the Ultimate is now mainly worn as a fashion shoe rather than performance, but its rich origin story is never forgotten.

I actually got my ASICS sneakers a size down from what I usually am, but of course that depends on your guys’ preferences. The rest of the look is supposed to mirror the two combined styles of the pant, with a casual T underneath a relaxed white jacket, Jump on them now, and be comfy and stylish in a pair of the Ultimate 81 from ASICS 😉 

make sure to check out Zappos’s website to shop #Ultimate81collection.


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