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We made it to 2020 just a few hours left! YEEES. I wanted to hit the ground running with a quick style post, I shot this article in freezing West NY city one of my favorite places with a wonderful view of Manhattan especially Upper West Side. Now that the holidays are over and autumn is long gone, I’m getting in touch with my true new yorker…grey. I paired this new Koriabo Parka from ANDREW MARC with skinny Grey pants from Next, white turtleneck sweater from H&M, Dark grey jacket from Zara and Aldo boots. This may be a typical or expected “N’yorker” ensemble but I believe if you execute it correctly, you’ll still turn heads. The art of casual dressing can be mastered just as well as formal and I think I might have my gold medal by now.

Check out some other pieces from ANDREW MARC Here. I’ve taken a particular liking to their jackets and coats for this bitter, east coast cold. They’re made really thick and durable so it’s definitely an investment for your winter wardrobe.


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