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Featuring : Scape Gear Jacket and Hoodie / H&M Jeans / Puma Sneaker

I know we always complain when it’s cold in Rabat, especially when it’s so cold that you just do not want to leave the house, let alone take pictures outside, trying to look good with your jacket open and what not, At least until Christmas. Yes, we don’t want to go outside, but that usually makes being inside that much nicer and really adds to the whole feeling of the season. This year, we got some warmer temperatures and I won’t complain, but there’s definitely a part of me that wishes the cold hit, all I said just now doesn’t apply anymore and I’m ready for spring haha.

This is the product of what was a very relaxed morning. I cleaned up the apartment a little bit, and then wanted to bring the trash down. I threw on what was just lying right there, which was the cargo pants and the hoodie. It is a beautiful comfy look to stroll in the city, going to university and doing your usual things . The black with the stripped white in the middle of the hoodie gives this look a little more intensity, and I wanted to pair it with this Puma trainers , and the sporty jacket you keep it in case of weather change or if you  feel a little colder you can add it in top of the hoodie . I love when things like these happen. Those garments from Scape Gear are unique and the quality, design and also super comfy ...


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