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This place is inspiring to relax and get inspired with listening to the music  . The sunset is incredible, I have a fascination with the stars & anything remotely celestial and I can also look down on the city that will have my heart for the rest of the winter.

These days, wearing the right headphones is just as important as wearing the right shoes (well, almost). But with the audio market growing each year, there’s more choice than ever – and more room to get it wrong. To save you getting lumped with crappy cans, i am showing you the best headphones ever tried with most incredible voice and performance . 66 AUDIO is one of the leaders in the market as they have their app in app store and even the android users so you can track theme and control the voice too.

Sometimes you just need to cut the cord. However, scrimp and you’ll spend every journey to work dealing with bad sound and dodgy battery life. This is where 66AUDIO’s latest headphones release comes in, which combines a black and orange  with seriously high-quality audio, as well a 40 hours of continuous music and both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.


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