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FEATURING : New Look Coat / Tommy Hilfiger Chunky Knit / Zara Jeans / Matisse Chelsea Boots

Happy Wednesday folks, today I’ve got a healthy dose of dapper for you by way of Matisse Since being back in city I’ve felt the urge to dress it up a bit since I don’t get that much opportunity . One of my goals this winter was to get my hands on a light pink boots and let me tell you that i found it in this amazing brand Matisse. light pink is a solid foundation so I knew i was going to have a lot of fun with this one. I went for a camel coat  and a dark sweater under it and for the pants a black denim with the Matisse light pink chelsea boots .

For the accessories i putted a beautiful watch from Telesto That i recently received so dapper and a glasses from Sunglass LA !

This watch it may not sound like the most exciting of colour trends, in the right hands the light brown can give a watch a subtle personality change, one that makes dress styles a little less austere and lends day wearers a touch more elegance. If you need to see more on there collection visit there web site!

Disclaimer: This post was produced in partnership with Telesto watches & Matisse.


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