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 Folio sleeve from GMYLE is 100% wool felt and high quality leather, this sleeve is absolutely gorgeous. It's minimalistic in design and tailored perfectly to my Macbook Pro. What's awesome is how the sleeve is made from sustainable and renewable materials. It's also treated so that the sleeve is water repellent in case you're clumsy like I am! Besides being beautiful to look at, I love the fact that it has a compartment to store papers, or chargers, earphones, etc.

The case phone for my galaxy S6 is from GMYLE is genuine leather in blue

If you're looking for something classic and stylish to house your iPhones/ Galaxy phones, iPads, or MacBooks, I'd highly recommend GMYLE . They take care into crafting their lovely products!

I'm wearing  : ENLIST Coat / ALL SAINTS Sweater / ZARA Pant / BALLY Boots / GMYLE Folio sleeve & Case phone

When you get dressed in the morning, one thing to keep in mind is the texture of your clothes: sometimes you want to mix it up and get a good variety of textures together to get the perfect look. Here I’m playing with relatively little color to focus on exactly that: a Enlist Burgundy coat, a AllSaints sweater together with the smooth surface of a black Zara chino pant. Important here, for me, is to bring in the chino to not go over the top with the textures. The corduroy surface is also only peaking out, and then I finalized it with two bits of more intense color: dark brown Bally boots and Folio Sleeve for my MacBook from Gmyle :)

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