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Banish Pen Banisher & Vitamin C Serum , I was little apprenshive at poking essentially metal needles at my skin, I assume anyone would be. Skin needling is a big skincare trend, the claim is that it works to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This in turn results in smooth skin and promotes the reduction of scarring. Together with the vitamin c serum, I have been using the pen for about a month now. My skin does look a lot better, and my scarring is definitely looking a lot less noticeable. I feel like the pen works really well to allow the serum to sink into skin, so that serum works to it's full potential. I have incorporated the serum into my skincare routine so that I use it twice a week and the pen once every other week just because my skin is super sensitive.
I was really surprised by the consistency of the serum, it's really lightweight but it feels like an oil but it's not oily in texture (I hope you get the picture). The main ingredient of the serum is obviously vitamin c (tah dah complete with jazz hands), vitamin c is amazing for lightening dark spots and scars which explains why I have seen a difference in my skin.

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