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when i started using products to my hair by my own self , I had a problem finding the right product for my hair. I had bad dandruff adjusting to the water with very high saline content which makes the hair dry and also the weather.
I remember using one product after another - of which I used only for a single time then jump to another til I found one that does not cause terrible dandruff for me. 
I've never had a case of dandruff back to my home country so I panicked when this happened to me. I tried Herbal Essences, Loreal, etc..etc.. What stopped the dandruff was Pantene. So from then, I have been using Pantene for my shampoo and conditioner. The only thing is it does not resolve my problem with dryness. 
I have this really long hair and the dryness is evident because of that. So I compensate by doing hot oil treatments on weekends which barely helps. It is actually the water. But what can I do?  I live here. 
Only then last month I while on my scheduled grocery shopping I saw the hair product Syoss.
I am impressed on how it has kept my hair shiny and hydrated. It's not dry anymore!! And this is with every other day use-- I don't wash my hair everyday because that's when it gets damaged more. 
I was convinced that it was a Japanese product only to find out I was wrong..
It is another product from the Schwarzkopf Company which famous for their very good hair products. I cannot wait to try their other products.
I highly recommend for you to try Syoss. (This is a sponsored post by the way!) I just want to share this information to my readers. Now I can say I have found my HG Shampoo and Conditioner. Try it and feel the difference yourself.
I hope this was informative and helpful to you guys!


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