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I’M WEARING: ZARA Coat / Suit Suitsupply / Ralph Lauren T-shirt / Menccessory Tie / Menccessory Bracelet / Reiss Boots

In this post that i'm gonna write about now is a dapper classy one , I'm a lover of all black everything also in classy outfits  ,  So to break this everything black i added the burgundy tie from MENCCESSORY that i loved a lot stylish and high quality.
Firstly before talking more about this tie let's clean a few things up . On of the main reasons a lot of men out there shy away from ties with their everyday clothes is because they remind theme too much of work
That is true but only if you are buying the wrong ties the boring ones the one that in talking about one 5 inches a its widest point

The fashionable ones are 2-3 inches at their widest point
So in this look i wear dark red tie and pair it with the with shirt , either have the coulour of your tie match a coulour of on the shirt ,  you’ll be able to get 10% off everything in-store and online here , promo code name ''Ayoub10OFF'' !! So don’t miss out and get on your shoppin’ 😉


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