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Happy Monday guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is gearing up for the week! This is my first day back in the city and I jumped head first into shooting this overdue Prestigio Supply post. When I travel I actually taken this big duffle as my carry on and it was really accommodating. It was able to store my jacket, computer, accessories and more. I firmly believe everyone needs to have at least one oversized duffle for travel purposes and it also doesn’t hurt when it’s designer label too, am I right?

Leathery everything this season. Primarily thanks to ShoePassion who’s absolutely nailing every category with the fabric, in this case Oxford boot. A simple brown Oxford boot, as straight forward and gorgeous as they come, taken to the next level with Leather jacket. The lighter inside in contrast with the brown leather is reflected in the leather-strapped watch with the white dial, The grey wool pants elaborate on the achromatic scheme. while the striped sweater and the duffle bag work together to enliven the look a little bit.

Thank you ShoePassion & Prestigio Supply for partnering on this post.


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