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FEATURING: Rooy Sneakers / H&M Jeans / London Tradition Coat / Tommy Hilfiger Roll Neck

I may have spoken a little too soon on a few of my last blog posts, because New York has almost skipped winter and went straight to spring! the weather was changing that day it was a little warm than turned to windy cold, I took to one of my best street in town to shoot some new threads. This time around I added a bit of depth with my black London Tradition Duffle coat which has turned out to be a savior for any occasion. It has a casual dressy vibe so you can throw it on over a sweater or roll neck your choice really. I paired it with skinny grey jeans and a comfy roll neck and my new sneakers from Rooy.

Rooy has my current vote on favorite footwear for a few different reasons. The design of the sneaker is really well done down to the perforations and even wing tips. Although I’m ranting about the weather it really is an awesome time for fashion, especially for those who indulge in layering. Whether it’s a duffle coat with a roll neck or a bomber with a chunky knit, winter offers endless outfit possibilities – I can’t wait to show you guys more! In the mean time make sure you check out new items from ROOY HERE.


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