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Featuring : Next Jacket / Michael Kors roll neck / Zara Trousers / ShoePassion Trainers

Being from New York, we get too many “wintery” type days.  So, when I set out to do a regular photoshoot at 11am and noticed a deep fog with some bright sunshine around Manhattan, i jumped on it!  The morning light was mixed with a rich haze, which lead for an amazing backdrop everywhere i looked.  It was something out of Gotham City, where i could only see about 1/2 a block deep, it’s not exactly the NYC in February you’ve come to know! I’m so predictable at this point.

My favorite new sneakers is this black leather “N° 67 MS” trainers, from ShoePassion. Modern mix of styles! This handcrafted trainer features double-buckle fastening and the finest calfskin with a supple feel. The lightweight rubber outsole emphasizes its sporty charm. This black look was a bit more downtown in vibe. You’ve probably noticed that :) I kept the layering tones neutral. It was colder this day so I paired a light wool roll neck with a black leather jacket that I took off when it got warmer later in the day.

Overall, this outfit gave me the sensation of going places – of being in motion towards goals both defined and yet undefined. Passion is that essential fuel for following your dreams. Share with me what you’re most passionate about in the comments section below.

A big thank you to ShoePassion for partnering with me on this post.


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