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Featuring : Zara Jacket / Michael Kors Sweater / Zara jeans / Bocage Boots / Gaston Luga Backpack

Good morning readers. I'm writing you all from beautiful NYC and i'm so excited to show you this latest editorial I've done teaming up with Gaston Luga. When I received my new Gaston Luga's backpack I did a little joyous dance. I mean who doesn’t like backpacks?! It’s essentials like these that I believe every man should have in his wardrobe. 

recently i used backpack a lot i can say everyday, and this Gaston Luga's backpack use it fits my laptop and my essentials things that i need all day, as you can see it's well designed and the black color could suit any look, we need in winter session a bag to go, visit there web site and choose your style they have a lot of choices, which, if you were a fan of black, is probably also going to make you pretty happy. It did that for me for sure. 


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