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Featuring : Exclusive Polo Shirt / Nifty Genius Short / Clayton Italia Shoe

All of you should know that fashion and photography they my biggest passion in life. But I love doing a lot of different things. Don’t we all – at least kind of? Anyway. One of those things is exploring new places especially when the sun is bright and flowers are open. So despite access to this beautiful village full of small houses near the sea and eager to explore, I have posts for you guys that are overdue! One in particular is my collaboration with the wonderfully brand, EXCLUSIVE. As I’m sure you saw over the winter seasons I sported a lot of knitted threads, striped jackets but now summer is around the corner so i can fully jump into styling what Exclusive is known for, summer wear! You can say my picks were predictable but that’s because you can’t go wrong with Navy or stripes. Every guy needs a pair of linen shorts and a classic polo, no surprise there. Zakaria and I shot this editorial on this village near my city yesterday and really tried to capture a luxurious yet modern take on the traditional “Exclusive” vibe. Make sure to check out some of their new arrivals and best sellers for the season HERE.


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