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Featuring : Parka London Raincoat / Prps Sweater / Zara Jeans / Tbs Sneaker

When you come back home to expect a hot climate and a bright sun…it’s not exactly the Rabat in May you’ve come to know! the rains this year just tad more often than it should, I’m so predictable at this point: I always come back home to the big street Annakhil avenue in between my big trips for a little relaxation and ‘peace’ of mind. After all, it is my 2018 resolution. With the little down time I have, I like to make sure I stay on schedule when making my photoshoots, managing my appointments and of course my workouts  ! I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have my trusty tech pieces helping me along the way.

Usually, when it’s raining outside, my thoughts immediately go to the combo of this raincoat from Parka London and the light sneaker, and for some reason, that always ends up being pretty casual. they look sleek and you literally do not have to care about the rain. I loved pairing it with this awesome pair of jeans from Zara. Beautiful fit in a great color :)

Rainwear needs to be able to withstand the forces of course, but it is almost equally important that it makes its user feel like they’re well-dressed, and that it goes well with their everyday outfits, “Great rainwear is rainwear that makes you wish for rain.” that's why i love Parka London's raincoat.


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