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Featuring : Parka London Raincoat / Bread and Boxers T-shirt / Mugsy Jeans / Next Sneaker

It’s spring season in Rabat, and if you ask any one from Rabat, they’ll probably tell you that it rains just a tad more often than it should.I swear the Rabat weather will forever haunt me. You leave the house, it’s chilly and cloudy. You get in the subway, same thing, you get out, blue skies, the sun is shining, and you’re sweating. You step into a coffee shop, you look outside, and it’s pouring.  And every one of them probably has a good rain-jacket in their closet: I just added a new one! This awesome lightweight grey rainbreaker from PARKA LONDON is a more sporty option for those rainy days, allowing for lots of free movement, and good ventilation, so that when it’s hot and humid, you still get to stay fairly cool. The parkas are made of water-repellent fabrics and it’s a great shield from the wind and rain. Most importantly, they are pieces I see myself keeping for a good time to come. On days I don’t know what to wear but need to keep warm and dry, I know I have my parka to reach for.

I'm always in love with the grey colour, I added a simple grey t-shirt underneath, and a grey jeans from Mugsy to maintain that harmony to the look, and to keep the lower body is kept rather dark. Of course I’m trying to keep it a little more dapper with the sneaker from Next, together with the gorgeous new watch, which works just as well with a sporty look as a suit. It’s the perfect outfit for the in-between season because it’s dapper and city appropriate but ready for any kind of coolness or rain. would love to get your thoughts.

Thank you to Parka London for partnering with me on this post and make sure to check out some other new Parka London pieces here


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