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Featuring : Exclusive Polo Shirt / Zara Trousers / Shoe Passion Sneaker

If and when you visit Rabat city you must indulge in the beach of beaches, Guy Ville. From the best cafe shops to the food and of course the renown pier, it’s a no brainer for a good time. I caught the beach on a gloomy day but still decided to take some shots from the highest peak in the beach. The contrast between the white and grey looked really cool, it was a perfect outfit for just having fun since I had no intention of going in the water, the Atlantic is still freezing! anywho- the white polo shirt is definitely unique and a new addition to my closet for summer, which I’m happy about! What’re your guy’s thoughts on these types of these simple polo shirt for summer? the polo shirt sits in the sporty-smart sweet spot, it works to upgrade your weekend looks, or reduce the stuffiness of your formalwear. “Shorts, denim and chinos make for the best companions, but a polo shirt can be smarted up with a blazer or relaxed with a lightweight bomber jacket. If you feel like more, don’t hesitate and take a look at the fantastic Exclusive selection, and shop around to see the best pieces to go with it :)

Thank you for all the generous messages in regard.


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