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Featuring : Zara Jacket / Mango chunky knit / Top Man Jeans / Reiss shoes / Alden&Grace Wallet

Although today was particularly warm, this past weekend was pretty frigid. With the temps dropping  here in the city, It forces me to whip out the outerwear that AINT MESSIN AROUND. I’ve already touched on the topic of toggles (Say that 3 times fast) and my position on the matter remains the same. They are stylish, functional and underrated.. so you better get yourself a similar jacket if not the same one stat.
Let’s chat accessories. Watches, sunglasses have been subjects of discussion on my blog but I don’t believe I’ve ever hone in on the wonderful product that is Wallets. They’re like excuses, everyone’s got one! Kidding. But seriously, if we’re talking about underrated items, then wallets definitely get a top vote in my book. I feel like most men settle for one that doesn’t match their personality… after all we use this product more than most pieces in our closet, right? Shouldn’t a wallet reflect the type of man you are?

The wallets displayed above  from ALDEN AND GRACE are the newest additions to my collection and I couldn’t be happier. From the ultra-thin minimalist design to the slanted easy access card slots, sophistication and utility have never looked better. I’m an indecisive Libra so I went with two colors but just in case you’re worse than me, there’s  varieties to choose from. They focus on high functioning design and individuality, while style meets affordability” What more could you ask for?

For the look i put that denim leather biker jacket from Zara with a chunky burgundy both from Mango, also a black jeans from Top man and shoes from Reiss

I added to the a high-quality sunglasses i received from CGW STOCKHOLM as i'm gonna talk about theme more in the next post.


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