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I'm wearing : the whole look from Zara 
Oh mornings, the beginning of every day, time to focus and prepare for the day ahead i always love to start my day with a cappuccino not a black coffee  and relax and enjoy it in the meantime i check my social medias and the comments in my instagram and replying emails ... What better way to do so than with a cup of Cappuccino, the latest news and of course, a dapper combination from zara in this post !  . For the accessories a briefcase from GMYLE and Vincero watch make it a tad more serious again, a great look for the office on a nice autumn day.
Always taking my macbook with my in that grey holder from Gmyle as it allows me to put my documents and also my cards, the great thing about it's very stylish can match with any look casual or classy and the complete my macbook care collection i protect it with the woody style macbook case that i also received from GMYLE it's really necessary to have it as a macbook owner since i put it i never worry about the place that i'm gonna put my macbook not like before i was always worry about scratch or to drop it !
So anyone have a macbook just visit and grab those essential things :)


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