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Featuring : Zara Suit / Top Man shirt / Zara Shoe / Dago Bear Tie / Kore Belt 

Navy also feels like more of a daytime, business-appropriate colour whereas grey can effortlessly transition into the evening, especially when paired with black. There’s nothing easier than swapping your white shirt and black tie combination for a crisp black polo as you walk out the office for a well-earned drink after a long day. The fact that grey goes with any colour under the sun doesn’t hurt either. that is why i like wearing this amazing Zara dark grey suit as i'm doing in this post, i matched with the white shirt from Top Man and for the accessories a tie from Dago Bear and the belt from Kore  !

He only reason to wear jewellery in the first place is to turn heads. There is no functional purpose. The trick is to catch someone’s eye for the right reasons. So i received those paired of bracelets from Azuro Republic 2 months ago and i hadn't the chance to wear theme till now as i can see they will perfeectly matched with that grey suit that i'm wearing theme 

Azuro Republic is a brand that was originally built on tradition and innovation and continues to strive for nothing short of excellence. Having been established and deeply rooted in its multicultural origins, it has made its mark on history and cultivated the values that we represent. We aim to redefine what it means to be a gentleman with gemstones that are individually unique to each and every single one of us. Each gemstone conveys a different meaning that symbolizes the virtue that you hold most important in your life.

hope you like it my friends and leave your feedback.


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