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The Man of Today is bold yet classic, daring yet sophisticated.  Through the many forms the modern man takes: student, entrepreneur, son, father, husband, he lives his days with integrity and style, of course. Some of my favorite places to relax are just in the centre city.  If you’ve been following and reading along with us for some time, you know it all started here.  We’ve made great friends with the owners and employees in the community, often if you're looking for me you'll find me at the 7ART Cafe or in the Renaissance Cinema. and truly feel like a second home. Thanks to Jacob at 7ART for always keeping it real.. throwback to the Handsome days!

I recently designed this suit because I instantly fell in love with the color, it’s not beige or white, it’s something in between, and that’s how I was sewed it. The best part about styling it up though is, of course, the accessories! They give every outfit a little more personality and character and this time I went all out ‘gentleman-on-the-go’. I got by with a little help from my brother in the form of designer shades, Monk-Straps from 3DM Lifestyle and my new favorite, the Pinnacle Compact Portfolio. In this post i teamed up with PRESTIGIO to showcase one of the luxury Pinnacle Compact Portfolio, Sleek & Lightweight The Pinnacle Compact Portfolio encompasses the essence of simplicity and elegance, with a subtle Saffiano embossing. A great choice for professionals and more...! This Prestigio pinnacle compact portfolio is the perfect blend of masculinity and elegance, sophistication and understatement—and it complements just about everything in my closet. The Pinnacle Compact Portfolio has a very trendy, check out this wonderful Portfolio HERE.


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