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Featuring : Nifty Genius Shirt / Next Pants / Adidas Sneakers

Happy Thursday, guys. I’m still in Rabat working non stop on the creative projects for next months but trying my best to keep the content up here & on social media. I spent last two months here in the city with friends but am looking forward to planning some travels on this holiday with my family…The holidays are a really special part of the year where you get to spend quality time with those you love but also gift giving. I’ve partnered with Ferrata to showcase one of my favorite watches of theirs that would be perfect for a brother, boyfriend, friend or father! At the heart of every Ferrata watch is a Swiss quartz movement, selected for its precision and durability. And the Ferrata timepieces are constructed to the highest quality standards, at watch assembly facilities with over 20 years of experience in producing remarkable timepieces.

 What I like is that the timepieces have so much personality for such an affordable price. Most of you know I like to collect accessories and these pieces are no exception. Wearing the Milano Raffinato.


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