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Featuring : TBS Jacket / Avarice-Coe London T-shirt / Zara Trousers / TBS Sneakers

What is it with men and bike?" My Sister asked me the other day.

"Hah!" I was confused, because I was brushing my teeth at the time, an activity that has almost no conceivable direct connection to her question, I thought for a second. The first answer that came to mind was "Because bike are cool''.

Not boys, everyone love their bikes! Anyone who has ridden a bike and is worth their ounce of salt, will agree to my words. Owning a bike gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, anytime. 

For a rider like me, i love it when I ride and all the wealth of information I get while I am riding it. Its not only the road conditions but as if my entire presence has elevated to the next level. I look more(sharper viewing), I hear more(elevated hearing),I process and analyse more(lean angle and road condition feedback) and finally I live more(elevated sense and perception leads to increase in adrenaline). That's why everyone loves their bikes. Because, when you are not on it, you are existing. When you are on it, you start living it.

As for the threads I teamed up with TBS to showcase some transitional favorites. Any lightweight jacket has my attention and this one with toggle detailing around the hood had my vote, That leads me to the first reason why I love the New TBS collection because the fabric is breathable and provides comfort on my morning commutes. Another great perk to the flex is that they only need easy care. The lighter fabric means quicker drying from the washer and also less wrinkles from the dryer, a win win in my book! The great part about this outfit is that it’s “formal sporty”. I love TBS's new line of chunky jackets, Sneakers & Sweaters..., it allows me to go from crushing errands around downtown to running to the airport to catch a flight. I styled it up with my favorite black & white T-shirt from Avarice-Coe London and grey Zara trousers with a blue & white TBS sneakers.

make sure to check out ministry of TBS’s other items and new arrivals HERE.


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