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Featuring : Mennace Puffer Jacket / Club Millennial Hoodie / Prps Jeans / Dr Martens Boots

Feeling cosy these days. But then again, I definitely am a nerd, so I added some specs. It’s been a little while since I wore this puffer jacket, unfortunately Mennace doesn’t sell this one anymore, but I hope you can still appreciate it for what it is. I found a nice puffer replacement for you guys though so check out the link here 😉 All about the black hoodie from Club Millennial in this look of course, Zakaria helped me realize the obvious, as I was standing in front of the good ole shoe closet. These Dr Martens were the only way to go!

probably remember the puffer jacket as a trademark of 1990s hip-hop authorities. But while its street credentials have remained unquestionable, the puffer’s never really been the stuff of high fashion. First things first your puffer jacket should be built for the elements! Have an awesome week everybody!


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