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Featuring : Clayton Jeans / Banggood Jacket / Bread&Boxers T-shirt / Taylor Fine Goods Backpack and Hand bag / Puma Sneakers / Sunglass La Glasses / D1 Milano watch

Hello my friends hope you had a great weekend like i did so i decided to write this blog post about taylorfinegoods the second time because i already talk about it in my previous post ( CLICK HERE TO READ ) 
I styled the bagpack with that purse with this amazing  bomber jacket in black too as you can see my love for bombers in all my posts and for the sneakers a black sneakers from PUMA and an Clayton grey denim jeans
Under the bomber jacket i add this grey t-shirt from Bread & Boxers as you know a well-fitting  one most necks, chests and sets of shoulders far better ; there are, of course, exceptions to every rule but that is most definitely the rule. So if you want a nice stylish fitted one too don't search a lot just check their website.

As i already talked about it in that summer... Wanna know more about it go and search haha

Hope you like that post and if you wanna know anything don't hesitate to comment or send and email :)


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