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Featuring : Zara Jeans / Pull and Bear Jacket / H&M Chunky Knit / Reiss Boots / Taylor Fine Goods Backpack

Fall is in full effect. Every guy needs a good masculine leather jacket, and this jacket from Pull&Bear is perfect. With this dark black you can do no wrong pairing it with any colours , you name it! And I can’t stress on how many jackets are itchy but this one IS NOT…comfort AND looks.

I added this amazing TAYLOR FINE GOODS  Backpack wish I can put all my things in it like my MacBook books and other stuff you name it ! Of course no worries about the wait you gonna put because it's super strong with good quality ... SO ANY ONE WANT to have a bag or a backpack just visit there web site www.tfgtraveling.com they have a lot of choices and colours.


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