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Featuring : Green Hill Shirt / Zara Jeans / Clayton Shoes / Cate & Nelson Watch

Found a couple days to get back home between my summer  travels and to my surprise there are still golden leaves everywhere! People are saying it’s because it hasn’t start the fall  yet but I like to think that summer prolonged just for me because it’s my favorite season. So the first thing i did when i arrived in my city is that i went for a photoshoot to photograph my new watch from Cate & Nelson that i recently received ! It's really a dapper watch with a minimalist style and could fit girls or boys so for the couples you need just to buy one watch.

On this day I decided to sport one of my recent favorites, a red and black shirt from GREEN HILL . I paired it with my trusty Zara denim and for the accessories  Cate & Nelson watch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Nothing beats a classic looking watch. Sure there are sporty types, modern and sleek ones or even wall clocks for your wrist but when it comes to vintage inspired watch faces, it’s unparalleled . CATE & NELSON is one of my favorites because they are able to capture the nostalgic and classic look of the past but for the modern man (or woman!) wrist.

Check out some of Cate & Nelson watch HERE


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