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Morocco is a country that draws you in. From the colorful, heady markets filled with the rich scents of spices to the vibrant Atlas Mountains, there is just so much to see in this incredible North African country.
While you can have a great time hitting up the main spots over a few days, I highly recommend lingering in Morocco to uncover all of the hidden treasures.
As i went with some friends and my photographer by the car hitting the hot roads it was fun and amazing as you can see the beautiful views while you are driving ! recomand everyone to visit this beautiful country.

Here is my itinerary for five days in the north of Morocco :

DAY 1 : Tangier

As my favorite place in Morocco is the north because of the beautiful beaches and valleys of course the first city that i went to is Tangier the city that holds between Europe and  Morocco and it just 14 km between this city and Spain ! what i like the most in this city is the architecture of the big buildings that are most of theme have the European touch ! i enjoyed it a lot

DAY 2 : Fnideq

M'diq & Fnideq Those two cities are know from Moroccan people for their Souks where everything is cheaper compared to other cities, and where the majority of their products is from Spain. But these cities are not just giant Souks with foreign products, they also got some stunning azure beaches.
Located on the Mediterranean sea, M'diq & Fnideq got some breathtaking views due to the combination of the mountain ranges and the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

DAY 3 : Ouad Law Beach

Oued Laou is a fishing village on the Mediterranean Coast with just over 8,000 permanent inhabitants. The town is named after the Oued Laou River, which travels to the ocean from its source up in the Rif Mountains near the city of Chefchaouen. The drive to Oued Laou, either from Tetouan or Chefchaouen, takes travelers through some of the most dramatic landscape in Morocco’s least populated areas north of the Saharan regions. 
one of the most popular futures about this city is the famous beach and also There are two small hotels in Oued Laou, offering clean rooms and friendly service as well as restaurants with traditional foods and seafood specials on the menu.

DAY 4 : Akchour Valley

in this one the most beautiful thing is the waterfall is so magical and it's the center of the mountains ! i don't have the words to describe this one because it's over beautiful place and all the people from around the world are visiting it ! ittle paradise on earth located 30 kilometers from the city of Chefchaoun in the valley of Talembote, the waterfall of Akchour is a pristine natural beauty and will guarantee an amazing scenery.
Akchour is an uplifting cascade, attracting more and more tourists since the opening of the natural park of Talassemtane.

DAY 5 : The Blue City Chefchaouene

Explore the Medina and Shop the Souks in Chefchaouen: Visit the heart of the city to get a feel for the style and culture. Grab a bite, do some bargaining and find yourself some gems. One of my favorite shops was La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin for homemade soaps!
Surrounded on all sides by epic mountain scenery and with a 500-year-old fortress at its ​center, the city of ​Chefchaouene -- or Chaouen for short -- is becoming a new "it" place on​ Morocco's tourist trail. ​​Yet​ it's not the mountains or the "Game of Thrones" architecture that travelers come in their thousands to see.
It's the color -- a gorgeous blue rinse that covers not only Chaouen's houses but its mosques, government buildings, public squares and even its lampposts and trash cans.

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