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What I’m wearing: PRPS jeans / SKULL CANDY headphones / TAVAT eyewear / SELECTED HOMME chunky knit / TOMMY HILFIGER jacket

I can't describe my happiness because of the second collaboration with the specialist denim couture brand PRPS in this post i'm showing you this amazing PRPS jeans how i styled it with the black Dr martens boots for an all around classy and my SKULL CANDY headphones and black jacket and my Tavat eyewear .  ! It's an casual look you can wear it for a hang out in the city or chill with friends . What i love about PRPS that when you wear their jeans you feel very comfortable in it !

I just love the quality of PRPS you will never find a denim in quality like they have . The most amazing thing that they send me also a SKULL CANDY blutooth earphone with the amazing bass sound and a battery life of 8 hours that will never let you down !

The real voice of the outfit came in a small size but made a lot of noise. My SKULL CANDY Headphones always save the day whenever I’m in transit to a show by way of the subway or taxi, I can just tune out the world and relax. This hectic week was no exception so I decided to just wear them as a new accessory on my satchel. I mean they’re beautiful so why not? The nostalgic framing and finish with the modern sound is a sure fire hit for most but now you read it here first that it can also second as a fashion accessory. Check out their collection HERE .


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