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One of the mantras that I live by – and you see it on the bottom of every post on this blog is “share your passion.” Whatever it is that most calls out to your heart: follow it, celebrate it. Too often we are led by our minds rather than our hearts; and the mind only knows logic, it doesn’t understand love.

Being led by your passion will transform your life – it’s naturally infectious. People will be drawn to you when you are excited about what you’re doing, when your sharing comes out of pure joy.

When I think about how my simple love of men’s clothing has transformed from a personal predilection to something that I now do as a career, that has allowed me to travel, to meet wonderful people and to connect with new friends from all over the world as a community, it is truly amazing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures ! 

I love this time a year, especially when the colors are as absolutely beautiful as they are right now. But yet another reason for me to love fall are the dropping temperatures, which allow one to layer up real nice and not break a sweat. 

My complete look is by PRPS JEANS

The age old discussion about the combination of white and blue now startles me. I don’t see how this was ever a topic to me. PRPS hoodie the topic with this blue Prps jeans with my new white stan smith , as you’ve seen me wear it a few times already: I took the whole thing to the next level and added more elements of the same color. blue jeans, together with a black steel watch,  Classy while casual, and a safe choice for those sunny days. Shop all pieces or something similar above :)

When shopping for a pair of denim by prps jeans , of course choose the cut that is most flattering for your body. Some general rules and notes are that a slim, tapered (but not tightly fitted) jean will be most versatile to be dressed up or down.


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