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Featuring : Spring Field Jacket / Zara Jeans / Massimo Dutti Chunky knit / Matisse Sneaker

Here we go, the night everyone’s been counting down since christmas! New years eve. It may be known for it’s parties, or drinking but tonight is special for us here at AYOUBHAMOMI because we have a lot of goals and resolutions we want to achieve in 2018. We’ve also got the attention of a new events collaborations coming out next year just keep tuned in my instagram stories...

I'm gonna talk in this post about the experience that i had in Ifrane the city that i went to do a photoshoot and enjoy the fresh hair and the mountains 

One of the reasons I love Ifrane is the sense of art in every facet of life, the architecture has inspired many a romantic, and craftsmanship, especially of textiles, is almost a religion. also if you wanna enjoy the fall and the smell of nature it's surely your next destination. I took the opportunity to shoot these sneakers while visiting Ifrane , a small city of a few people. If you want to wear sneakers with  leather jacket or suit, Matisse footwear would be the perfect choice. Constructed of vintage leather,  they exude a quiet luxury that works well with classic stylings.

They take great care in producing footwear that is quality based and individualized by artisans. This unique feeling sets theme apart and has made Matisse a go-to brand for many over the years. they always strive to put the best product out there and they take pride in what they do, so if you think you are a luxurious person just visit theme web site and snatch a great sneakers too !


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