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Last Friday I went down to the big mall of my city  for some shopping, and since I knew I was for sure going to hit up Zara , I decided to wear a few pieces from the last collection. Not to worry, even though this exact fashionable black denim jacket and this exact shirt aren’t available anymore, they have some very attractive options that could fool most of us into thinking it’s the same two pieces. I wore the combo over agrey colored shirt and added a AN IVY tie, playing with a few different colors. The jeans give it a nice look, and the white sneakers  make it an ultimate summer look, tying the color of the tie back in. No pun intended.

The tie in this look is very important to give the classy casual look and being stylish as the look can be ! So this another way to wear a tie without a classy clothes for those who hate the suits and the blazers 

Happy reading my friends


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