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FEATURING : Shirts by Nifty Genius / Short by Nifty Genius / Shoes by Aureus-usa / Glasses by SunglassLA / Accessories by Lhbraceletsandchains

when the summer arrive the weather getting so hot we need breathable clothes so we'll never feel the hottest weather ... what i like to wear in these hot days are linen clothes 

Let's have a quick infos about linen garments :

Why linen? A breathable, lightweight and durable fabric – you couldn’t really ask for much more when dressing for the stifling heat. However, it does come with one major caveat: it creases extremely easily. Linen, although often maligned for its naturally wrinkled look, is a peerless warm-weather fabric that is all too often overlooked. A pastel or neutral-tone linen-blend blazer is one of the most effortlessly refined summer pieces available to men and lends itself well to any occasion.

i recieved this look from nifty-genius, it's a quality brand that they have a lot choices and style and the great thing are from New York and the quality of shipping is too fast . just like the service of this amazing brand, i recieved the package in two days from the US i know it's freeking amazing. 

So guys if you wanna have stylish quality garments you can visit their web site, i garenty that you'll be shocked about the things they have ...


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