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FEATURING: Next shoes / Next blazer / Ralph Lauren shirt / Next pants

I just wanna share this most important blog post with you my friends ! It's really means a lot to . I know you are thinking about the purpose, i'm gonna tell you that i collaborate with the greatest biggest company NEXT !
You should see me when i received their email that i'm gonna be a brand ambassador for this big company you can't imagine how much  i was happy it's one of the nicest things that happened to me this year, I bet that everyone know the NEXT company and all of us must have a piece in his wardrobe . They allowed me to choose from the new arrivals spring summer so i chosen  this amazing suit and the black shoes also
I shot this series in the heart of my city on a lucky day where the sun broke through for a couple hours and dappled the  edge with magic. It was relatively cool so a three piecer didn’t bother me at all, I even continued running errands with the suit on afterward! It’s rabat after all, you can never be over-dressed! One of my favorite things about it (beside the color) was how breathable it was & light. I’m always the go-to guy for all my buddies questions suit-related and time and time again I recommend Next. It’s affordable but well made, they have a variety of different fits & are constantly having deals on their web site !


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