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I'm WEARING : Sammydress Jacket / trashness T-shirt / Origami Bag / DML Jeans / Zara sneakers / Kartel watch 
It's spring season , don’t worry, there’s still a lot more looks , but I still had one saved for you 😉 For me this is the perfect look for a spring-y day , with a few meetings and a lot of walking. For one, I’m wearing sneakers from Zara , which makes the whole walking part fairly comfortable, and secondly, I’ve got these beautiful new DML jeans . is classic for me – slim fitting, super comfy and this particular style is perfect to walk the line between casual comfort and dapper business attire. The business part of the outfit lies of course with the t-shirt from Trashness , but even on the upper body I’m going for a more relaxed vibe with a summer cardigan and this fantastic Sammydress jacket.

For the featured pieces in this editorial, let’s start with the Withings watch…again! I really went into depth about this KARTEL watch in my last editorial but had to feature again because frankly, it just has so much to offer. check out the watch here.

A beautiful, reliable, and well-made backpack can be your best friend. I always walk around carrying tons of different stuff, from my laptop to several cameras, to gym clothes and cables and books and what not, and a backpack just makes it so much easier. Especially a nice leather backpack, because you can just beat it up, wear it in, let it age, and it will only get more beautiful. I love the golden hardware on this beaut’ from ORIBAGU  as well — it makes it even more of an exclusive addition to my wardrobe.

Hope you like the post and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the outfit, the editing, anything! fire away.


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