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Before we start, I’d like to go on record saying that I am 100 per cent a shirt man. Some guys prefer t-shirts, some guys (God forbid) prefer vests, but when it comes to my own personal preference, I just don’t feel complete without a shirt on.
If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you will know that I’m a huge fan of simple, classic and versatile pieces of menswear; the type of clothing that forms the foundation of any successful capsule wardrobe and can be mixed and matched together to produce a wide variety of timeless looks. For those just starting out on their journey to becoming a well dressed man, this approach will ensure you look always appear stylish, no matter what the occasion or scenario.
Keep the colors versatile – think blue, grey, green and pink – and opt for patterns that are subtle and small in scale, such as a pencil stripe or a micro check.
I prefer a smaller scale for my Trashness shirts because it means that if I want to introduce another pattern into my look, I just increase the scale of the second piece and there won’t be a clash , If u need more styles about shirts visit Trashness u'll find what u need i'm sure about that , Hope u like this post and learn something from it about shirts and ways to wear theme.


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