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Hope everyone has a merry christmas! 

Christmas is almost here! and Im fully indulging in the colors of the season, couldn’t you tell? Brought out one of my favorite winter cardigans and paired it with my new COAT from ASOS and new Watch from LILIENTHAL WATCH .

and then there was rain! just like that my favorite season of falling leaves and turning colors became a blanket covered with leaves deciduous trees. So naturally when Spoke Style  and I planned for a day in Central Park I chose none other than BLACK and CAMEL to come to the contrast rescue. As you can see from the pictures above, the atmosphere was rather magical. The “mall” section was without a doubt my favorite lined with shivering trees and soft glow lights. I was very pleased with how the pictures came out and captured the falling the trees leaf perfectly.  


 To complete any look u must add the right accessories : watch , bracelets ... in this look i decieded to complete it with the LILIENTHAL BERLIN watch . L1 watches are known for their large faces. They’re available in many different colours and shapes but also different materials -so take your pick or get the look for less !

ASOS coat / MASSIMODUTTI pantes / LILIENTHAL BERLIN watch / VANS sneakers / DRESSLINK sunglasses

When I received my new timepiece and scarf I did a little joyous dance. I mean who doesn’t like LILIENTHAL BERLIN ?! It’s accessories like these that I believe every man should have in his wardrobe to really polish off any outfit. Tee-shirt and jeans? no problem, add a LILIENTHAL BERLIN watch. Older coat? Dress it up with a new scarf like this for a modern twist. Save up for those few designer pieces that will enhance your image and mix in with your everyday wardrobe.

There’s several recurring excuses I always hear men utter..”I can’t afford a designer wardrobe” “Designer clothes aren’t realistic, day to day blah blah blah” How about instead of buying a bunch of cheap crap you’ll wear through quickly, you splurge on a nicer item every season or two?

Clear in design, sustainably manufactured in Germany and inspired by the urban character of Berlin. The L1 is more than one o'clock. Always moving in the beat of the city, but always calm, it is not a timepiece, but a time-giver. An attitude you can now wear on your wrist. No matter where, no matter when. For every time has its place.

Take a gander at some of their other pieces before the New Year, you’re running out of ‘time’! HERE


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