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I have the luxury of most days not having to go to work so on those days I like to take my time in the morning. I call it my Me Time! I like to really enjoy this time. I used to wake up at 9 am, 10am and sometimes even 11pm basically letting half my day go by! Mornings can really make or break your day and if you are waking up in a bad mood then you might as well go back to sleep and restart it all over again ha! Keep scrolling because at the end I'm going to be giving you some questions to ask yourself  when you decide to make your own Morning Routine!

When I  get up and the grunts and sighs dispense I go straight for the coffee. Some days I remember to drink water beforehand but today wasn't the day! As the coffee brews I have to find something to eat! Usually it's oatmeal as I stated in this post but today I was craving something smaller so yogurt it was!

clothes that u are wearing in your relaxing morning are very important ! u should wear something very comfortable
here i'm wearing my very comfortable and unique From Tani

Tani USA uses a newly innovated nylon fibre called Nilit™, made from recycled coffee bean shells. The result is like insulation for your body. The fabric actually captures and conserves your body heat to warm you from the inside out.
Using Superfine® fabric knit in Austria, this remarkably thin fabric acts as a second skin. Not only does it fully insulate your body, the fabric naturally wicks moisture away and acts as a second skin. The super soft fabric is comfortable on even the most sensitive skin.
To find out more about Thermaluxe and Tani USA please go to Tani.

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