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I’M WEARING: wallet (picard) / jacket (spring field) / Sweater (tommy hilfiger ) / jeans ( zara ) / shoes ( Moncler ) / Watch (the fifth watches)

Although today was particularly warm, this past weekend was pretty frigid. With the temps dropping below 25 degrees fahrenheit here in the city, It forces me to whip out the outerwear that SPRING FIELD .  This jacket being one of them. I’ve already touched on the topic of toggles (Say that 3 times fast) and my position on the matter remains the same. They are stylish, functional and underrated.. so you better get yourself a similar jacket if not the same one stat.

Let’s chat accessories. Watches, sunglasses and even scarves have been subjects of discussion on AH but I don’t believe I’ve ever hone in on the wonderful product that is Wallets. They’re like excuses, everyone’s got one! Kidding. But seriously, if we’re talking about underrated items, then wallets definitely get a top vote in my book. I feel like most men settle for one that doesn’t match their personality… after all we use this product more than most pieces in our closet, right? Shouldn’t a wallet reflect the type of man you are?

Your wallet says a lot about you. Whether plain, colourful, sleek or bulky, the small accessory used to carry your cash is as much of an indication of personal style as a new bag or the latest trainers . While it may seem like a small piece a kit to some, investing in a decent wallet is a savvy decision – a timeless, high quality design can genuinely last you a lifetime . So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your wallet to something a little more special, take a look at Picard website they have some amazing leather wallets like the one that i'm reviewing on this post :

i just love it the super high quality and design make it just special to own.

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