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I kept the layering tones neutral. It was colder this day so I paired a light knit cashmere sweater with a navy shirt that I took off when it got warmer later in the day.

I forewent socks with both outfits as this just looks cleaner and cooler. Pro note: it helps to have baby powder you can sprinkle in the shoes and let them sit overnight so they air out and de-smell.

Hope you enjoy the pictures ! 

 Featuring the SAMMY DRESS shoes

If you know me personally then you know my style changes like the seasons. I really enjoy wearing suits but I also really enjoy the street casual style. I’m constantly playing around with different pieces, trying new trends or axing old ones. For me, a great pair of shoes is essential. I strongly believe that wearing the right pair of shoes can transform your outfit and body movements. Thus, I can be very picky in choosing the perfect footwear.


jacket by SAMMY DRESS 
T-shirt by H&M
Jeans by ZARA 

Wearing full SAMMY DRESS outfit    As the cold is creeping in, the most important things to take into account are the clothes that keep you warm. Layering up can only go so far, to the point of not being able to raise your arms properly haha. Personally when the cold hits the ground I prefer to go with a warm, fuzzy SAMMY DRESS  jacket, and this reminds me of one of the best parts of the year: a winter holiday!   With there being only a few days left before the upcoming holiday season, it made me start to think about planning for the winter break. If you dream of gliding gracefully over snowy slopes under cloudless skies, then you’ll need to book your ski holiday soon. But before you do, bear in mind that planning the perfect ski or winter sports holiday requires plenty of thought and organisation. Bringing your own ski equipment can be cumbersome, but it’s best to buy your own clothing such as a ski jacket and trousers, gloves, goggles, a hat and thermals, and this is where SAMMY DRESS Snow Collection is the perfect fit. Ideal for downhill daredevils and chilled out skiers, the collection includes great attention to detail and max performance fabrics to protect you against the elements. I’m really happy that I’ve finally found the perfect winter jacket for it. 


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