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To complete any look u must add the right accessories : watch , bracelets ... in this look i decieded to complete it with the OOZOO watch . OOZOO watches are known for their large faces, varying from 38 to 52 mm. They’re available in many different colours and shapes but also different materials, like leather straps, steel or silicon bracelets -so take your pick or get the look for less !

Barisal boot  / ZARA jeans / AVARICE6COE t-shirt /OOZOO timepieces (watch) / ZARA coat
Good morning readers , When I received my new timepiece and scarf I did a little joyous dance. I mean who doesn’t like OOZOO?! It’s accessories like these that I believe every man should have in his wardrobe to really polish off any outfit. Tee-shirt and jeans? no problem, add a OOZOO watch. Older coat? Dress it up with a new scarf like this for a modern twist. Save up for those few designer pieces that will enhance your image and mix in with your everyday wardrobe.

There’s several recurring excuses I always hear men utter..”I can’t afford a designer wardrobe” “Designer clothes aren’t realistic, day to day blah blah blah” How about instead of buying a bunch of cheap crap you’ll wear through quickly, you splurge on a nicer item every season or two?

I'll talk to you a little bit about OOZOO timepieces

The Dutch brand OOZOO launched it's first collection of timepieces about 14 years ago. Since then, the brand is a big hit in
the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela.
The secret? OOZOO timepieces are fashion items in every sense of the word. OOZOO does not follow trends, it sets trends. Fashion comes in first place, but obviously it’s just as important to display the right time…

All OOZOO timepieces are high quality watches with the best movements available in this price range. All straps are high quality genuine leather. OOZOO Timepieces launches 4 new collections each year with a lot of new models. So there always is a model to your liking.

i'am glad you guys loved the watches too! Oozoo timepieces  really knows how to capture quality in the products for a very affordable price. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked in public or even by friends, “What watch is that? It’s really sleek,” and they’d be shocked to hear it was under $40.

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photos: Med Amine

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